The Finnish Defence Forces awarded Milectria Oy with a national Facility Security Clearance (FSC) on May 5, 2022. Facility security clearance vetting assesses the reliability of responsible individuals in the enterprise, its level of data security, and its ability to discharge its commitments. The national FSC certificate is valid for five years.

Milectria obtained the national Facility Security Clearance through auditing process by the Finnish Defence Forces. A facility security clearance made using Katakri can be utilised for both domestic and international projects. Katakri is used with the aim of ensuring that the target organisation has adequate security arrangements to prevent the disclosure of an authority’s classified information in all of the environments where the information is handled.

“Audits and cooperation with the Finnish Defense Forces developed our security operations holistically. The certificate we achieved shows our ability to provide safe and secure services not only to authorities but also all our customers, ” says Tero Laitakari, Milectria’s Facility Safety Officer (FSO).