Military quick stock

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Military Quick Stock is online- store where you can buy materiel with fast delivery time and without minimum order quantities. We make delivery order in 24 hours after order is registered.

Products sold in on-line inventory are intended for use in military equipment and in other demanding environments. Our on-line inventory includes wires, cables, connectors, backshells and other accessories.

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We have a broad range of special items in stock, enabling us to provide our customers with an efficient service in a variety of product categories. We can deliver items for both military and industrial use, while our worldwide network of professional suppliers helps us to react quickly to customers’ needs. Punctual deliveries are ensured by comprehensive traceability and a bar-code based stock-management system.

We have military and industrial items in stock in the following main categories.



  • Cables
  • Special cables– TE / Tyco / Raychem EPD Cable
  • Wires– TR16 Power Cable
    – TE / Tyco / Raychem Spec 44- and Spec 55 -wires (single-cord, twisted-pair, screened)
  • Heat-shrinkable tubing– RNF, DR-25, ATUM
    – Customized TMS-SCE markings
  • Braids– RAY-101


  • Multipole connectors– VG95234 (CA Bayonet series)
    – VG95328 (KPSE series)
    – D38999 series I – D38999 series III
  • Moulded parts– TE / Raychem, Hellermann
  • Backshells– Glenair, TE / Raychem
  • Small parts– solder sleeves
    – wire joints
    – cable lugs