Residental Distribution Panels

Residental distribution panels for renovation projects

Milectria’s surface-mounted residential distribution panels are an excellent choice in case of renovation projects. The panel’s power distribution and data installation bays are contained either in separate enclosures or alternatively in the same enclosure. Our stock items range includes pre-furnished panels, while panels tailored to the customer’s and site’s needs are available on order.

We also manufacture distribution panels of special enclosure dimensions for challenging locations!

We have the following pre-furnished panels for renovation projects in stock:

To metal enclosure

  • SAKE RK 40A/16js/1vvs
  • SAKE Data installation enclosure
  • SAKE RK+IT 40A/15js/1vvs
  • PINU 40A/11JS/1VVS
  • PINU 40A/15JS/2VVS

To plastic enclosure

  • Group centre IP40 40A/6js
  • Group centre IP40 40A/12js/1vvs
  • Group centre IP40 40A/18js/2vvs
  • Group centre IP40 40A/18js/2vvs

We manufacture tailored panels for the following ready-made enclosure options:

  • SAKE PYSTY (vertical)
  • SAKE VAAKA (horizontal)
  • PINU VAKIO (standard)
  • PINU KORKEA (high)

Properties of SAKE and PINU distribution and data panels:

  • Colour: bright white RAL-9003
  • Metal enclosure material: hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, 1,0mm
  • Open from the back, allowing cable installation through the bottom
  • Available in the vertical and horizontal version
  • Can be linked together
  • Available with back panel

Residental distribution panels for new constructions

Milectria’s distribution panels are an excellent choice in case of new constructions. The panel’s data installation and power distribution bays are located in the same enclosure. In the panel, IT is located below and power distribution above. The data panels can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted.

Distribution panel models:


We manufacture tailored panels for the following enclosure options:

  • UPI VAKIO (standard)
  • UPI KORKEA (high)
  • PINU VAKIO (standard)
  • PINU KORKEA (high)
  • Colour: bright white RAL-9003
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, 0.7mm
  • Available in flush-mounted and surface-mounted version

The flush-mounting boxes can be delivered to the site in advance, which allows commencing cabling and partition wall installation before the distribution panel arrives.

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