Enclosed Switchboard

Milectria enclosed switchboards constitute an excellent choice for dry and wet premises, all the way to 1,000A. The modular switchboard structure promotes the best suitability for different applications. Installation options include wall installation (on vertical beams) and floor installation (on special plinth). If necessary, the unit can be shortened for transport purposes, which facilitates both transport and handling.

The units are suitable for both industrial and real estate use.

Technical specifications

  • Nominal current max. 1,000A
  • Nominal voltage max. 690V
  • Short-term rated current 17.2-60kA/1s
  • Rated current peak value 25.6-132kA
  • Impact resistance IK09
  • IP rating IP20-IP55
  • Colour RAL7035 (other colours available on order)
  • Available plinth height options: 40 or 140 mm
  • Cover doors are available for dry premises switchboards, IP20-IP30

Dimensional specifications

  • Field widths 300, 450, 600, 750mm
  • Heights 140, 280, 420, 560, 700, 840, 980, 1,120, 1,400, 1,680, 1,960mm
  • Plinths 40 or 140mm
  • Depths 80, 160, 250mm

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