At Milectria Oy, the electric testing of all its products before delivery is an essential part of the manufacturing process. To enhance the efficiency of its testing operations, Milectria Oy will introduce a new automatic test equipment system, which will enable testing of even more complex electrical systems in terms of connections, components and functionality even faster, more comprehensively and with higher quality than before. The testing system will benefit all Milectria Oy’s industrial and defense equipment production operations in Parola and helps us to better meet our customers’ requirements, especially regarding system quality and reliability.

In developing the automatic testing system, the latest testing technology has been utilized, focusing especially on modularity, usability and a sufficient number of test points. The hardware can be programmed and customized by the user for new series production items using a variety of adapters.

Key features of the switchboard testing system:

  • Continuity test
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Short circuit test
  • Component tests e.g. diodes, resistors, capacitors
  • Functional testing e.g. switches, pushbuttons, lamps, relays
  • CAN bus testing
  • 1536 test points
  • 0-60VDC / 1A and 0-24VDC /4A power supply option, possible to supply power to 1152 test points
  • insulation resistance voltage max 1500 VDC / 1060VAC

The new automatic testing system utilizing the most modern testing technology will significantly enhance Milectria Oy’s ability to succeed in the intensified international competition in the company’s line of business. The development of the automatic testing system has been funded by Business Finland.

For further information, please contact us:

Konsta Väätäinen, CEO, Milectria Oy

+358408198754, konsta.vaatainen (at)

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