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Business acquisition between Milectria Oy and Mileco Oy

Milectria Oy and Mileco Oy have agreed on a business acquisition, due to which the entire Mileco Oy’s business moves into Milectria Oy on 01.08.2013. In connection with the acquisition, Mileco Oy’s personnel, orders and agreements are transferred to Milectria Oy’s ownership.

The transfer and merger of the businesses will bring synergy benefits, as well as additional resources for development of activities. As the ownership relations in the companies are already close, this transition is a natural development.

Milectria oy is a privately owned enterprise manufacturing electro-mechanical systems that employs about 215 people internationally. Offices are located in Parola, Estonia, Slovenia and now also in Valkeakoski.

Mileco Oy is a manufacturer of distribution centers which employed 18 people. In connection with the business acquisition, Milectria’s product range will expand with the following products:

  • Cell centers
  • Measuring centers
  • Real estate centers
  • Industrial centers
  • Standard centers

For further information please contact:

Tomi Kaukonen Osmo Kaukonen
Managing Director Managing Director
+358 40 508 6070 +358 40 567 7166
Milectria Oy Mileco Oy
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